Make your beehive smart!

Monitor your beehive from the comfort of your home by adding “Smart BEE Frame”.

Make your beehive smart!

Monitor your beehive from the comfort of your home by adding “Smart BEE Frame”.


  • 1.Bees are dying rapidly,
  • 2.Traditional beekeeping have no practice of collecting data for further analysis,
  • 3.Insufficient knowledge sharing and experience exchange among the beekeeping community.


  • 1.Habeetat “BEE Frame“ is designed for Langstroth beehive, equipped with data sensors that measure, store and transfer collected data
  • 2.Data readings are measured and presented (web and mobile) for following metrics:
    • a. Beehive single frame weight,
    • b. Beehive collective weight (total sum of all frames weight),
    • c. Inside/outside temperature,
    • d. Inside/outside humidity.
  • 3."BEE Frame“ is an eco product, proven not to be harmful or impactful in any way to bee colonies
  • 4.Tested in real-life conditions in collaboration with professional beekeepers


  • 1.Real-time data monitoring and “early-warning” notifications enables:
    • a. operation optimisation
    • b. reduction of colony loses
    • c. detection of bee diseases
  • 2.Transforms beekeeping to “simple to use” app-driven methodology,
  • 2.Collected data is stored and further analyzed enabling big data analysis and prediction modeling,
  • 4.Small switching costs for existing beekeepers with Langstroth beehives,
  • 5.Facilitates beekeepers community interactions and knowledge exchange,


  • "
    Habeetat core mission is to optimize the honey production process and to improve the bee's well-being.

Habeetat “Smart Frame“


Producing honey primarily depends on the experience and “gut feeling” of the individual beekeepers. Data observed through operation was rarely recorded and analyzed. Habeetat aims to change that by creating the first data-driven platform for the world’s beekeepers, making beekeeping accessible to a wider audience.


Imagine monitoring your beehive from the comfort of you home or office.
Set “Smart Frame” on top of your beehive and turn it ON. It's that simple!

app preview

All key data is collected, stored and presented through the web and mobile interface.

step by step app


gather data

Gather data

monitor data

Set notifications & monitor your bees.

Download the habeetat iOS or Android App

Instant access to your data & measurements whenever you need them!

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ios download

Available on Web too.

Habeetat is in the process of taking preorders for “Smart Frame”. Expected delivery date - Spring 2022.

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